To the Residents of Tewksbury Twp.

The Department of Public Works would like to remind the residents of Tewksbury Twp. not to place snow in the streets from plowing or shoveling their driveways. In addition to the snow in the streets, please do not park cars on snow covered roadways, or place garbage cans in the streets. As these are both obstacles and can become dangerous for motorists as well as the Dept. maintaining the roadway. The snow left in the roadway can potentially freeze causing drainage issues along with being a hazard to motorists and can present problems for the Departments equipment. These items are also covered by local ordinance #’s 10.16.050, 12.16.010 and 12.16.020. Please help the Dept. help you by being able to perform our work safely and efficiently and without issue.

Your cooperation in regard to this is greatly appreciated by the Department.

Kevin Pyatt
Superintendent of Public Works
Department of Public Works