Dear Township Resident,
Next week you will be receiving an estimated property tax bill for the 3rd quarter, which looks different than the regular bills that are mailed once a year with 4 stubs. Estimated tax bills are being mailed as the state has yet to finalize their budget. Final tax bills will be mailed by September 30, which will include the 4th quarter 2022 and 1st and 2nd quarter preliminary 2023 amounts due. The payment made in August will be reflected and the balance for 2022 will be due November 1, 2022.

Real estate taxes for the 3rd Quarter of 2022 are due on August 1, 2022.  There is a 10 day grace period before interest is assessed.

The payment must be received in the tax office by August 10, 2022 to avoid penalties, we do not accept postmark or mailing date as date of payment.

You can pay online by visiting

There is a $1.95 fee for having funds directly debited from a checking/savings account and a transaction fee of approximately 3% when paying by credit card. You may also make partial payments online and set up future payment dates.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Liz Holtz
Tax Collector

Quarterly Due Dates

Feb 1
May 1
Aug 1
Nov 1
All payments must be received before quarterly due date.
(10 day grace period -  payments must be received before end of grace period to avoid interest charges, POSTMARKS NOT ACCEPTED)

Liz Holtz

(P) 908-439-0022, ext. 726
(F) 908-439-0034
Tuesdays - 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Fridays - 8:00am - 3:30pm

Tax bills are mailed in July of each year. Tax payments are due: February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st.  There is a ten (10) day grace period. When a mortgage company or bank is responsible for the tax payment, your tax bill will be noted as "Advise Only". Should you receive a tax bill that should be forwarded to a bank or mortgage company, please forward the bill to the appropriate company, then contact the Tax Collector, Liz Holtz (908) 439-0022 extension 726 or by email at

Online TAX & SEWER Payments & Lookup –
Credit Card (2.95% fee) or E-check (Flat fee $1.95) 

Tax payments can be mailed to the following address:
Tewksbury Township – Attn: Tax Collector
169 Old Turnpike Road
Califon, NJ 07830

Drop Box
A locked “Drop Box” is located in the kiosk of the Police & Administration building parking lot, and also there is a drop box in the vestibule of the Police & Administration building.  Please do not deposit cash. The “Drop Box” is emptied a few times daily.

Online Bill Pay
Please contact your bank regarding online bill pay option.

All property tax relief program information provided here is based on current law and is subject to change.

We are compiling a listing of residents interested in receiving e-mail notification of the tax due date. This service is being provided to help you remember to pay on time and avoid paying late fees. The e-mail blast would be sent to all subscribers even if your taxes have already been paid.

If you are interested in being included in this listing, please send your current e-mail address to This notification will be a one way communication only.
You will be responsible for notifying us if your e-mail address changes.

Click here to view a table of Tax Rates from 2016 - 2021.