Reserve a Township Park


All Tewksbury Township parks will remain open for non-group recreation activities, such as walking, running, and walking of animals; with family members, household members, or romantic partners. All while maintaining social distancing by remaining at least six (6) feet away from one another.

However, if we find that keeping the parks open results in group gatherings or other violations of the Governors Executive Orders, we will have no choice but to close all public access to the parks.

Township parks were created for the use and enjoyment of all residents of the community for both active and passive recreation. A complete listing of Park Rules and Regulations is available from the Municipal Clerk.

Some important points to remember while using the parks:

  • Use of the playing fields is restricted to scheduled athletic events approved by the Township.
  • Horses should be kept off the playing surface.
  • All garbage should be taken with you.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • Clean up after your animals.
  • Follow the parking rules for cars and horse trailers in each park.
  • Drive under 5 mph when horses are present.

Horses, Drivers and Road Courtesy
Tewksbury is full of trails, many of which cross public roads. The Township is planning to install traffic signs to alert motorists to proceed with caution at selected trail crossings. Even without the signs, if a driver sees horses and riders waiting to cross, they should slow down for their own safety and the safety of the horses and riders. Please do not beep the horn or make sudden gestures that could startle the horses and cause an accident. Do not speed through the narrow roads, over bridges and through the hamlets of the Township. Tewksbury has many narrow roads and bridges in addition to our small villages. Please obey traffic laws.

Hunting Information
Hunting on Township property is allowed by permit and is regulated by the Township Police in accordance with State Fish and Wildlife rules and regulations during hunting season.

Hunting is prohibited on Sundays. Signs and schedules will be posted during hunting season at kiosks located in the parks.

Farmers in New Jersey can obtain State issued special farmer permits in accordance with State Fish and Wildlife rules and regulations. Hunting on Township property by farmers is limited to the hours of darkness, when parks are closed to the public. Notice and signs will be posted when hunts are scheduled and trails leading to the hunted areas will be blocked until the hunt is completed.

Christie Hoffman Farm Park

Cold Brook Preserve