Upcoming Road Projects
Weather permitting road work is to begin on the following roads on or about 8/27/21.

  • Vernoy Rd.
  • Valley Brook Rd.
  • Summer Ln.
  • Oak Ln.
  • Barlow Dr.
  • Big Spring Rd.
  • Wintermute Ln.
  • Church St.
  • Miller Ave.
  • Williams St.
  • James St.
  • Joliet St.
  • Black River Rd.

***Due to unforeseen issues the milling and paving schedule is changing slightly.***

Milling operations are starting 8/27 on Vernoy Rd., Valley Brook Rd., Summer Ln., Big Spring Rd. and possibly Wintermute Ln.

The Village of Oldwick , and Black River Rd.(Oldwick section)will follow these roads.

The DPW would appreciate ”No Parking” on these streets from 8/27/21 - 9/10/21 approx.

The operations are approximates due to possible weather related issues.

There may be a slight bump at the end of some driveways as some roads will be getting milled, if that is the case please enter and exit your drive slowly on a slight angle if you can.

You may experience slight delays when paving occurs in front of your home or when we are working in an intersection.

There may be some through closures only allowing local traffic.

All roads will be open to emergency vehicles during the process.