Please complete the form below to apply for a temporary food concession permit online. A $95.00 fee, in a check payable to the Township of Tewksbury, must be sent to Jennifer Ader, Acting Municipal Clerk, 169 Old Turnpike Road, Califon, NJ 07830. Once the fee has been received, your application will be processed and the permit will be sent via US Mail to the address given on the permit application.

By completing and submtting the form below, the individual agrees to abide by all regulations as per NJAC8:24 et seq.

Click here for a printable copy of the form which will need to be completed, signed and returned.

Date of Special Event:


Name of Food Operation:

Name of Food Booth Operator:

Location of Food Operation:

Name of Food Booth Owner:

Address of Owner:

Telephone Number:

Number of Food Booths:

Please state where food will be stored and/or prepared prior to the event.:

Name and Address of Establishment (where food will be stored):

State how cold food will be kept chilled (45 degrees on site):

State how hot food will be kept hot (140 degrees):

Describe the hand washing facilities in the booth:

Please provide the base of the operations or commissary:

Address of Operations or Commissary:

Operations or Commissary Inspected by:

List all food and beverage items that will be served: