The County of Hunterdon's Department of Human Services coordinates many Service Programs in an attempt to address as many County residents' needs as possible. In a rural community such as Hunterdon, one of the most basic of needs is the need for transportation, with access to medical care ranking most important. The LINK Transportation System provided thousands of In-County "medical trips" annually, however, the LINK services can not/do not provide for out of County or off-hour medical appointments. The Volunteer Driver Program accommodate and supplements those residents' needs.

Currently there are twelve volunteer drivers who help County residents access Out-of County or "off hour" medical appointments. A pool of twelve drivers is inadequate to meet the demand for trips without unduly taxing the current volunteers. To better serve the community needs, additional volunteer drivers are wanted. The goal of the Department is to double the number of drivers, which they believe is very attainable.

The County of Hunterdon provides Volunteer drivers with a County vehicle, gasoline and insurance. Volunteers are not required to accept a trip that conflicts with prior commitments; nor are required to travel to any area or distance that they would prefer not to travel. A drivers "comfort zone" is respected. By having a relatively large pool of drivers, the need to call on individuals is really quite limited, which appeals to our busy drivers, who want to give back something to the community without giving up other activities.

Volunteer drivers enjoy participating in this program. They help to bridge a crucial gap and improve the quality of life and health of those who might not otherwise have access to necessary appointments. Without this option, those who utilize this Program might "do without" rather than inconvenience others.