Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission is advisory to the Land Use Board, reviewing and reporting on all applications coming before the Board that involve environmental issues. The Commission sponsors annual well testing for homes in the community, and participates in preparing the Master Plan.

The Environmental Commission consists of the following members:

  • Chris Teasdale Chair
  • Mary Ace
  • Mario Colitti
  • Timothy Dempsey
  • Geoffrey Connor
  • Glenn Likus
  • Bruce Mackie
  • Michael Schlaefer Alternate #1
  • Hope Kaufman Alternate #2

The Environmental Commission meets the second Monday at 7:30PM.

The following is the link to the water chestnut removal video from the Pascale Pond.

Copy and paste this link to your browser: https://vimeo.com/90680666

The Environmental Resource Inventory is now available online.

Click hereto view part one of the Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI).
Click hereto view part 2 of the ERI.
Click hereto view part 3 of the ERI.

Click here for Information regarding ash tree decline.